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Our "recipe" for an English Springer Spaniel

Start with an obedient, social, friendly dog who considers itself part of the family
Add to this loyalty, hunting ability, and an eagerness to please
Throw in the easy-going personality and tireless retrieving talent of a Labrador, and the poise and playful nature of a Setter
Combine with beauty and the ability to get along with other pets and farm animals
Shrink this all down into a medium-sized, powerful dog
Finish off with an unstoppable “wiggle butt”

…and you now have an English Springer Spaniel. In our opinion a Springer combines the BEST qualities of all of the dogs that have touched our lives.

Our family’s original love for dogs began many years ago when we purchased our first “family” dog, an Irish Setter puppy, shortly after our two oldest children were born. A few years later we purchased a Labrador Retriever puppy, and again our family fell in love!

From that point on our family of twelve has always been home to either a Setter or a Lab, usually both! We never thought that there could be another breed of dog that possessed the qualities we so adored. That is…until we met our first English Springer Spaniel!

Enjoying these fantastic dogs is a family affair which not only includes our young children at home, but also extends to our adult children starting their own families. All of our dogs are our family pets and live a well cared for, well loved life with individual attention in one of our homes.

We enjoy participating in therapy work with our dogs as well as in AKC competition. We also, from time to time, enjoy casual hunting with our dogs. When we rarely do breed a litter it is likely that one of us has a specific purpose/goal for one of the puppies. Our goal is to produce very versatile dogs with the best temperaments. While it may not be as popular in the show ring today, we breed to preserve the traditional look and characteristics of the English Springer Spaniel. Our dogs are of strong European lineage (but also AKC registered) with many Champions behind them. Above all we strive for puppies that easily adapt, are very empathetic, and form an unbreakable bond with their forever families. All births are diligently attended in a room of our house that is designated and dedicated solely to the needs of our dogs. (with a few human comforts as well) All of our puppies are raised with early stimulation and appropriate socialization. We apply a conservative vaccination schedule and wean all of our puppies to raw food. We feel that this guarantees that our puppies are sound in mind and body when they are ready to join their new family.

Please keep in mind -

Most of our puppies are spoken for in advance of their birth, often well before we even breed our dogs. If you would like to be considered for one of our future puppies, or be placed on our waiting list for an upcoming litter, please let us know.

In our fall 2015 pictures, you will see a lot of our dogs wearing their bow tie in support of:

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